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Mr. Amila Senadeera is a graduate from University of Peradeniya, Faculty of Engineering. As he was interested in teaching, he choose to teach chemistry as a Pioneer of Chemistry, Henry Louis Le Châtelier. At the moment he is a professional chemistry lecturer In Evident Educational institute, Gampola. Meantime he writes books for Advanced Level students in Sri Lanka.

His most recent project is AMILAGuru YouTube channel. This is one project in that channel which provides answers to Chemistry past paper questions.

Collection of answers

Most comprehensive collection of Answers has been provided for Past Paper Questions of A/L Chemistry Since 1980.

Informative clarifications

Each answer is given with informative clarifications. So the student can clearly undersand subject matters.

Accordance with syllabus

Each answer is precise with clear theories without misleading of confusing theories. Answers are explained according to the current syllabus.