2018 Theory Gampola - Sunday : 10:30:00 - 13:30:00

SPD- Inorganic Chemistry (අකාබනික රසායනය)

Properties of hydrides formed by Group-15 elements

Boiling points of hydrides formed by Group-15 elements

Hydrolysis of chlorides formed by Group-15 elements

Reactivity of Nitrogen is less than reactivity of Phosphorus

Explaining reasons for exisisting Nitrogen as N2 and Phosphorous as P4

Reaction of Nitrogen with second group elements

Reaction of Nitrogen with Hydrogen

Reaction of Nitrogen with Oxygen

Reaction of Phosphorous with O2

Reaction of Phosphorous with Cl2

Reaction of Phosphorous with concentrated HNO3

Reaction of Phosphorous with hot concentrated NaOH

Reaction of Phosphorous with Ca

Industrial Production of Ammonia (Haber Process)

Production of Ammonia in laboratory

Reaction of Ammonia with active metals like Na

Reaction of Ammonia with CuO

Reaction of ammonia with CuO

Reaction of ammonia with oxygen

Thermal decomposition of ammonium compounds

Reactions of Nitric acid

Oxi-acids of Phosphorus

Due Date : 2017-07-18

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